Tech On World is a platform for new technologies and their reviews. It was founded in January 2020. It will expand it to other areas like tech related videos, technical information and reviews, tips and tricks etc.

To provide information about Technology and IT related reviews (Apps, Software and Gadgets) to tech geeks. You can also read here all about happening anywhere in the world of technology, including gadgets.

Our aim is to build the largest online platform across the world which has capability to demonstrate and to provide solution, resolving issues and bridging the knowledge gap which can be seen currently as a visible issue which is facing globally. TOW is ready to help & strengthen the talent, creators and to spread the tech information to everyone at a large scale using digital, social media from which we can bring proper understanding on technical issues.

One of our establishment Tech On World Digital Seva Kendra Chhawani Bazar also known as Tech On World CSC Center Chhawani is situated in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh state in India. Here we provide Technical Service in Chhawani i.e. several online processes of government related services to make necessary documents, online job application and form filling for various posts.

Our Plan is to spread the services in training and education to cover rural areas also. Tech On world also aiming to help in digital literacy by its digital service centre using Government of India’s plans like PMG Disha conducted by Common Service Centres. In Future we will work in technology, digital marketing, training and education in computer technology, website development and solutions and consulting.