Facebook Messenger can Add 50 People in Video Chat

Facebook messenger

Facebook has also rolled out its group video chat app “Facebook Messenger” to compete with video conferencing apps like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Now you can do video conferencing from 50 people without worrying about the time limit. You can also include people who do not have a Facebook account, to add them to videoconferencing, you just have to share a link and they will join the chat room.

Chat rooms can be created on both Facebook or Messenger and eventually users will be able to create a “room” from any of Facebook’s products, including WhatsApp and Instagram. The user who is hosting a messenger room will have all the controls, he can also lock or unlock the room as per the requirement to prevent unwated disturbance. In this, the host user can invite anyone according to his need or can remove from the chat room. If you want that no one else is involved then you can lock it, that is, the host will have all the controls.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “We all have the random uncle or someone that you added a few years ago,” he said. “Not every one of your Facebook friends is someone you want to hang out with.”

Facebook has since decided to set its priorities according to demand, prompting that Facebook has made up its mind to encapsulate some of the other features of the video, such as chatting on Facebook dating by ending the live video feature of Instagram. Wants to include the facility. In Wahtsapp, he has allowed Already 4 people to participate in video conferencing.

This new version of Facebook Messenger is set to give a tough competition to almost all video conferencing apps and the reality is that it will be a challenge for everyone to keep themselves in competition in front of Facebook.