Google Assistant Voice Match Feature Recognize Your Voice

Google Assistant Voce Match

Google has started to roll out an update for Google Assistant to voice match setup. This will improve the assistance feature to identify the accuracy of a voice command like “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.

User will experience better accuracy y this voice setup method as Google Assistant tries to identify the person speaking. Using Artificial Intelligence it comes to train the voice recognition.

Google felt the need of accuracy in voice assistance, that’s why it started trying to setup the Google Assistant Voice match feature. If you repeat the words “Hey Google” for few times, eventually the Google will recognize your voice…nice! This has now ability to get more than you say.

Google Assistant Voice Match can recognize your voice if you add more words:

To increase the ability of Google Assistance the voice match setup now going to include some extra features. Actually it has now saying more than just “Hey Google” hotword three to four times. Means you have to say your hotword with the command you gives to Assistance.

If multiple users setups their voice match to the same device, and if they set the same command then how the Google Assistant will recognize them all separately? This is how the voice match setup comes in role. The extra words set by users instead of hotwords help to separate each person from others.

Some Other sensitivity feature rolling out:

Some other sensitive features to be introduce by Google Assistance in order to make it more useful. This new feature is not going to roll out now but in future it can be launch as soon as possible. The aim is to make Google Assistant more precise and controlled for responses of given commands.

If there are multiple devices in your home powered by Google Assistant then how you will command any particular device with the hotword? In this way some other device can be activated such as your phone.

Now no need to worry, because with this new feature you can adjust the sensitivity of each device. By this adjustment you can avoid unwanted activation of other devices. Google said that the sensitivity option roll out will begin in coming weeks.