Video Calls are Now Safe and Secure In Zoom 5.0

Zoom 5.0 version

During this time the communications are very important to spread the News and doing office work from home. Most of the tech companies have developed video conferencing app to ease the people for multiple conversation at a time. Some of them have more features and some has less, some of them have security issue too. So you cannot rely on every App. Zoom has also previously been reported for having security issue in its feature but now in latest update of Zoom video conferencing app there is most advanced security enhancements. Zoom’s new version 5.0 has no security issue.

Zoom 5.0 supports AES 256-bit GCM encryption:

Security should be the main feature of any communication application that can assure the users for data safety. Security should not be compromised with any unsafe code for any user data. The most popular messaging app WhatsApp encrypted its data end-to-end that encodes the message and no one can decode them.

As few days ago there was issue in Zoom App with its security of user’s system. The security loop holes in the App allowed hackers to enter your system, so that they can access the conversation. But now the company has claimed to resolve all that by encrypting the message. Now your conversation is as strong as expected to be secure for outside attackers.

In the new version 5.0 of Zoom App there is a support given to this app is 256-bit GCM AES encryption. This will help to secure the end-to-end conversation with the help of encrypted data with a standard of 256-bit GCM AES. This also solved the security issue which was occurring from few days that caused zoom to loose many users in between time. Also this will cause to feel more secure while using the app that your data is not passing to any other server.

Some New Features:

Beside Security enhancements there are few more updates in Zoom 5.0 features. New waiting room allows users not to enter a conversation without admin permission. Cloud recording Security can disable the sharing of their recordings. The Administrator can decide all these things so that any foreign conversation cannot enter.

From IT administrator’s page, the administrator can get detailed information that how to manage Zoom 5.0 update in their work environment.