India’s Video Calling App ‘Say Namaste’ can Support upto 25 Users

Say Namaste-India's video calling app

Mumbai-based company Inscripts has developed a video conferencing app called ‘Say Namaste’. It is an official Indian government video calling solution. The company has clarified that it’s video calling service has been developed by own without any help or consultation from the Indian government. As We all know that there are many video calling applications has been using for work from home due to the coronavirus. The apps such as Google Duo, Zoom, among others are seeing increased sign-ups in various parts of the world these days.

Recently Indian government has issued an advisory for people not to use Zoom video conferencing service because of safety issue in this app and was widely scrutinized for its security lapses. Say Namaste has been introduced at a time when most of the companies are getting their work done from employees by work from home through video calling. Say Namaste was built in-house with a team of more than 50 developers in just two days.

“It’s a positive thing, and we are happy that so many people are actually talking about us right now. We would, of course, be happy to work more closely with the government, but all of that is in the future,” Anuj Garg, CEO of Inscripts said.

Say Namaste using its beta version at present which means that the service has to enhance for widely use. There are highly chances to having bugs in this application which can be identified during the conference call. That’s why the company has decided to go for a security audit to find several existing and known bugs and fix it as soon as possible. The Company will officially launch the app after a week but has submitted the build to Google and Apple to be listed on the apps stores respectively.

The company’s aim is to make its video calling service more secure. For this the company is adding features like two-factor authentication and email indexing for businesses to avoid unauthorized access to app. Garg refuses to Say Namaste as a Zoom competitor because the company is focusing to make app user friendly right now. Use of Say Namaste for video calling is very easy and up to 25 participants can participate in con-call simultaneously. The developers are still working on increasing uses limit up to 100.

The Indian government has announced a competition to develop a video conferencing app “Innovation Challenge for Development of Video Conferencing Solution”. Say Namaste will also be participating in the Indian government’s challenge that’s been announced under its Startup Hub initiative of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

The India government is looking for a video conferencing service that can be used on a wider-scale for all official work for 4 years with ‘Made in India’ tag. For this the government is offering a Rs. 5 Lakh grant to top 10 qualifiers in this challenge. The final winner will be awarded with prize money of 1-crore INR. The last date for submissions of a ‘Made in India’ video calling app is April 30, 2020.