Google Drive has New Feature which Let You Use Face ID on iOS

Google Drive Gets New Update for iOS

If you use Apple’s iPhone and use Google drive within it to share files then this is good news for you. Google had begun rolling out this feature in April but then it was not so popular. The new feature is called ‘Privacy Screen’ which allows iOS users to secure their files with their iOS using a passcode in Google Drive, but you will be able to quickly access and unlock the app with Face ID or Touch ID. You can be able to access the files after verifying your identity by the app. Each time you close the app it will be deactivated and activated after reopen. This feature is not available for Android users till now.

This feature is available app to version 4.2020.18204 and you can find the setting in Privacy Screen within the Settings in the top left corner of the screen. You can enable this feature in the app by going to setting hamburger and selecting Privacy Screen. Then toggle the switch and the Delay options are seen, you have to choose the delay option and when again you open the app then the Face Id option will display.

According to The Verge, this is the most recent update on iOS for Google drive. “Privacy Screen is a new feature that uses Face ID or Touch ID to protect your sensitive files from prying eyes.” It indicates that, this roll out is to be available for all users.

As of now, Privacy Screen has featured with all or nothing basis, means you can lock the entire Google drive but if want to lock any particular file or folder you cannot do that. Google itself doesn’t lock the files that need any authentication.

But there are some limitations of the Privacy Screen as on the settings screen of Google, there is warning that it might not protect your Drive at files shared with the Files app, photos shared with the Photos app, and any other functionality.