Spotify is Testing Video Podcasts on It’s Platform

Spotify Video Podcasts

According to reports, Spotify has started testing video podcasts in its app, the two people who are the famous YouTube creator, Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, they are known to host of Zane and Heath: Unfiltered. On testing it globally the creators are allowed to upload their recorded short videos to the app, and this will be shown only 50 percent Spotify podcast listeners. All the Listeners will not know the episode but once they see the video footage at the bottom of their screen by tapping it to full screen.

Videos will sync with the audio feed and users can choose to go full-screen with the video even when their phone is locked but video will show as static. The users can upload the videos in any language and Spotify will not transform it globally.

A Spotify spokesperson said in a comment to The VergeAt Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience and others serve only as an important learning. We don’t have any further news to share at this time.”.

This is the fact that two YouTubers are going to start the test for Spotify, and this seems little competitive for YouTube. The close sources of Spotify also don’t know that the videos uploaded to Spotify will searchable on Google or not.  Although some podcasters can also post their videos to YouTube to know the reaction of YouTube on it.

Spotify has been trying to make videos on its platform for years. Now when it is ready with the appealing option, it has a tool named Canvas which has been experimented with big companies.

We don’t know people will be interested to watch the videos on Spotify or not but they will surely found a new way to show videos on YouTube with clippings. People who love to watch videos instead of listening will love to these podcast videos. The company also wants to be a center for all content, whether it is videos or audios. For this it’s building a studio for recording of podcasts and video will be facilitated.