Google Lens has an Ability to Copy Handwritten Texts

Google Lens

Google Lens’ has developed an ability to read and copy handwritten text from notes through an app which you can paste it in the computer. It can be more easily if your hand writing is clearer because AI have to process it in readable text. Google has introduced this in his latest addition of multipurpose object recognition tool.

This is very exciting news for the Google Lens users. You can check the new feature from your android or iOS mobile’s Google Lens app. If not installed then after installing you can look the new feature in your Google Lens app and new version of Google chrome

Working Process?

The working process of the Google Lens is very simple, you just have to point out the camera at the hand written text, the captured text will be highlighted then you can copy it and paste in the document where you want to work.

There will be only problem with your writing. If you don’t write neatly then it will be hard to capture the text. So if you want to capture the texts with Google Lens you need to write clear. It experience you a cool feature while using for writing any documents. This will be very useful for students and employees also who want save their written documents on PC or mobile.

Another feature which Google has introduced instead of copy-paste text is pronunciation tool in Google Lens. This is for android user only. If you want to listen the copied words from written texts then you have to tap Listen button. Now you can hear the words in sentence with correct pronunciation.

Google Lens also let you know any scientific concepts or from any other fields. This feature also can help students in preparing their science projects and home works.

Beyond all these Google wants to develop features for Lens app so that it can search and identify the objects in front of the Lens. These features of Google Lens will make the Google a brand with most usable apps in the world and surely it will be helpful to mankind in their daily life to improve the life.

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