What is Electronic Signature, How to Create It

Electronic Signature

Many times when we are applying for a job online, we are also asked to upload our signature along with other documents, which we scan by writing in plain paper and then in PDF, PNG or JPEG format Save and upload. Similarly, we may need a signature on any documents, for which we have to add the signature to the documents. Signature done in this way is called electronic signature.

Difference between Digital Signature and Electronic Signature:

Although digital signatures and electronic signatures seem to be similar in understanding, their technology is different. An electronic signature is an image that can be in any format, word documents, .pdf, .png or .jpeg, which you can attach or paste into documents. Whereas a digital signature is an encrypted data that is saved in any document and gives it a validity with whom the document belongs. Documents are decrypted to find this.

Methods of Electronic Signature:

Following are the methods and techniques used for performing electronic signatures and from these we can obtain the signature and place it on the desired place.

Signature Scanning on Paper:

One of the most popular methods is to obtain a scanned image by signature on paper. Scan the image of the signature text or shoot it with a camera or mobile camera, convert it to JPEG, PDF or .PNG and then use it wherever you need to, whether it is pasted into a document Or upload online.

Signature on Mobile or Tablet by the Help of Apps:

For signature on mobile and tablet, you can download Signature Pro available on google play store, and Autograph + available on App Store and save your signature in image with transparent background, although both these apps are available in paid version. Apart from this, you can also use different types of pen inputs to sign on mobile and tablet and save them in transparent images. To save in transparent image. Can select .png image with paint or paintbrush. The benefit of saving transparent signature is that you can add it on the background of any color or format and there will not be any image or information hide under it.

Signature with the Help of Trackpad or Mouse:

In many government offices, we must have seen that when making government documents and our documents have to match the manual signature or if needed main signature, trackpad is used for signature by a pen input. We can do the same signature with a pen input on a tablet or iPad. You can also do electronic signatures by using paint with a mouse on a Windows PC and using Paintbrush on a Mac.