How to Add Close Friends and Share Stories on Instagram

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If you don’t want to share Your Story in Instagram with all your followers. Then can create your friend list of close friend with whom you want to share your stories and images or videos. Instagram has this feature which is called Close Friends, allows you to share a Story with your group of friends.

There are a few ways you can create your Close Friends list by adding Close Friend in Instagram. You can add someone to your Close Friends list from his profile or by using the dedicated Close Friends screen from your account.

To do so, you need to follow the steps given below, one by one. You can take help from image along with texts.

Step-1: First of all open Instagram and tap your profile picture in the right corner of bottom. this will take you to your Profile.

Step-2: After opening your profile tap the 3 horizontal lines (hamburger menu ) on upper-right corner.

This will open a drop down popup of Close Friends option given within it.

Step-3: If you doing this first timee, then list will show empty, tap the Get Started button.

Search the friend name you want to add.

Step-4: Tap Add button given in front of friend’s account to add the friend and you need to do this for every friend you want to add.

By tapping on Create List your friend will be added in Close Friends List.

You can remove the added friend if you don’t want or by mistaken added.

Step-5: You can also follow or unfollow your Close Friend by tapping the below button which is red arrow marked.

On tapping the folowwing button a popup screen will open to ask unfollow option also there is an option to “Add to Close Friend List”

If You want to remove from Close friend then tap “Close Friend”.

Step-6: To create story tap + sign of your profile pic then create story and tap next when you done, then you will see the screen given below in the bottom toolbar. To share it with your Close Friends tap Send to.

Step-7: Tap Share to share it with your Close Friends.

If Your Profile icon in the Stories section have a green circle around it to it means you’re on their Close Friends list. if not then you are not his Close Friends List.

After sharing you can see that which of your close friend have seen your story by swiping up the story.

You can tap on “Close Friends” to edit your close friends list. and from there you can modify your friend list.

Tap on Edit Your Close Friend List to edit the list. And thus you have done all about Close Friend Add and Story Sharing.

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