How to Add YouTube Videos Link in TikTok

YouTube link TikTok

The rise of social media has given the platform to everyone to spread their presence on everywhere by social media platforms. you would possibly be using Facebook and Instagram or YouTube or other platform. Now short video platform TikTok is trending on boom as a social media platforms.

If you’re using social media platform to grow your business then it’s necessary to attach your social media accounts with one another to urge maximum benefits. Because without doing so one amongst your social media user won’t be seen in other social media. So you would like to link it along with your other social media if you wish to spread your videos.

This strategy may be very effective to cross-promote your social media platform reach if you’re an owner of YouTube channel or run TikTok. this fashion you’ll be able to achieve a decent increase in traffic of your viewers and followers on YouTube or TikTok. For this you would like to market your videos on TikTok and TikTok videos on YouTube.

As you recognize TikTok won’t provide any monetization, so you would like to simply drive the traffic to your YouTube channel to urge maximum monetization. Promote your full videos on TikTok by creating short videos for TikTok and drive the traffic to YouTube.

Here we are going to discuss the procedure to link YouTube with TikTok:

First of all you would like to download both the apps on your mobile and login. Now you ought to keep YouTube as your primary social media platform while TikTok as secondary, this is often because TikTok doesn’t support monetization but YouTube does. and so you’ll be able to add your YouTube videos link on your TikTok profile also as you’ll be able to also share it with each TikTok post.

To post your YouTube link on your TikTok post, just type it or copy-paste it within the description section. But this can be the non-clickable link, so it’ll just display in your TikTok post. User can see and search the video on YouTube.

The Steps are as follows:

1. Open the TikTok app on your mobile
2. Tap on “Me” button and it’ll open your profile
3. Tap on “Edit Profile”
4. Tap on “Add a bio to your profile” button
5. Now write down or paste the link of your YouTube video here.
This way you’ll be able to add a YouTube link to your TikTok profile. But this is often not the correct way.

To link YouTube with TikTok you would like to follow the steps given below:

1. Tap on “Me” and move to your profile
2. Tap on “Edit Profile”
3. Tap on “Add YouTube to your profile” to feature YouTube channel or video link
4. Then you’ve got to follow the instructions and want some approval to link the YouTube with TikTok

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