TikTok’s “Family Safety Mode Feature” Gives Parental Controls for Kids Safety

TikTok Family Safety Mode

As you all know and aware about the popularity of TikTok the video making app, this app attracted the Childs and teenagers very much within very less time. For the safety of children TikTok has launched its parental control and given a Family safety mode feature. So that when children use the app they may be supervised by their parents (TikTok’s Family Safety Mode).

Now a day’s TikTok has spread all over the world as a most popular app and more than that it has become popular among kids while the adults like other apps such as Facebook, Instagram etc. TikTok has crossed 1 billion user and most of its users are children and teenagers. So the company is serious about security and safety of their users and started adding the features to protect them all. In this chain TikTok launched the Family Safety Mode feature (TikTok’s Family Safety Mode) to Parental Control.

Few days ago TikTok has launced the 3 new features, they are as given below:

1.    SlowMo feature- Using the SlowMo feature users can slow the speed of their original Boomerang videos.

2.    Echo feature- To create a double vision effect.

3.    Duo feature- Helps users on speeding up and slowing down the Boomerang by adding a textured effect

And recently TikTok has launched two new features that is as given below:

First is TikTok’s Family Safety Mode, which has various parental controls. The second is Screen Time Management in Feed which reminds users their responsibility to use TikTok.

Family Safety Mode which links with parent’s TikTok account to their child’s TikTok account. When it activated, the parent will be able to control the child app that how long their child can use TikTok, limit direct messages sender, and can restrict certain types of contents which is not made for children. Being so much addicted of TikTok and smartphones, most of the teenaers don’t like this feature but it is necessary for the kids and TikTok realized that.

Screen Time Management is a type of reminder which reminds and make alert about over time spending on TikTok by giving popup on user’s screen. It’s an in Feed feature within it

Though both the features have been launched in UK initially but the company has decided to roll out it in other countries in coming days.

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