Google Holi Easter Egg will Help You to Play Holi on Your Mobile

Holi Eater Eggs

In India everyone is going to celebrate Holi as a festival of colors and colorful festival will be celebrated on the day of Dhulendi.

This is happening in the virtual world in the same way, because recently Google has added a feature called ‘Holi Easter Egg’ to mark Holi. This is the feature which will help you to play virtual color and it is going to increase happiness of yours.

For this, all you have to to search Holi festival in Google search on your smartphone or computer.

Then tapping 3 bowls of colors in the knowledge graph card will activate the Easter eggs, after which you tap anywhere on the screen, you will get a splash of colors. After this, if you want to clean the scattered colors, then tap the water drop hanging at the top in your PC. and below on your mobile. When you do this, all the scattered colors will be washed away or in technical terms, the screen will reset and all the things will be as they were.

You can see in the given screen or in featured image that when we search with the name Holi a three bowl full color appears on the above right corner of searched content. This is really very interesting feature given by Google to fall every one in the feeling of Holi whoever will search on their mobile or PC.

In this way you can enjoy Holi on your mobile or laptop with this feature given by Google.

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