Changing Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Became Easy Now

Changing Mobile Number in Aadhar

Nowadays, Aadhar Card is first sought as a personal ID everywhere whether it is government office, school or hospital, bank account or any government work. The first identity of any Indian is his Aadhar card. All the details of the person have been included in the Aadhar card by the government, such as the print of the eye retina, the print of all 10 fingers and the details of other documents. Even registering the user’s mobile number and email ID in the Aadhar card has also been said to be necessary by the government as the same OTP i.e. one time password comes for any change in Aadhar in future. There are still people in many parts of the country whose Aadhar card does not have registered the correct mobile number and email ID. In order to reduce the hassle of such users, the UIDAI, which takes charge of Aadhar, has changed the process of updating the mobile number and e-mail ID in the Aadhar card, which has now become easier than ever.

Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI through its Twitter handle has informed the people about this change. UIDAI has announced that the way to update the mobile number and email ID in the Aadhaar card has changed. Those who have the wrong mobile number or email ID in their Aadhar card can take advantage of this change and modify their mobile number or email ID.

What is new change

If you want to change your old mobile number or email id or to add a new one, then you will not need any other document at the Aadhar center, only your original Aadhar card will be valid ie now PAN card, Voter card, Birth. No certificate will be required.

The Aadhar center operator will make the desired changes online after seeing the Aadhar card of the user, the fee of which UIDAI has kept only 50 rupees. With this, the new mobile number and email ID will be automatically updated in the Aadhar card.

UIDAI has clearly stated that if the Aadhaar operator demands any other document from you or demands more money then you should complain to him immediately.

It is important to keep in mind that the mobile number and email ID should be updated correctly otherwise OTP will not be available on your mobile or email ID if any other updates or changes are needed in future, as a result the verification process will not be completed.