How to Enable Twitter Dark Mode

Twitter Dark Mode

Switch to Twitter‘s dark mode for comfortable reading and without glare

If you want your eyes to feel comfortable while looking at the mobile screen at night, then you should enable dark mode. This will help you to reduce the glare and make the feeling comfortable.

To reduce the exposure to blue light before you sleep can be helpful to you in a good sleep. Likewise switching dark mode will be helpful and beneficial if you have problem with white background. Twitter’s Dark mode has great look. Twitter’s developers were doing quick to develop the Dark mode interface to make the Twitter one of first social media platform unlike WhatsApp and Facebook.

Twitter dark mode is also refreshingly easy to enable, though with two different variations to choose from on mobile devices, it’s not quite as straightforward as it might seem. Here’s how to do it.

Twitter’s dark mode is very much easy to enable on your mobile using App. For this you have to choose two variations from mobile devices, though it is not so simple as it looks. Here is how to enable it.

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How to Enable Twitter dark mode on desktop

Twitter’s website makes use of the prefers-color-scheme* setting, which tells your web browser that a dark version of the site is available. Most modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Edge, will detect this, and display the correct version to match your browser settings (light or dark).

Twitter has enable a color scheme setting to tell your browser that a dark version of this site is available. Most of the Popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge can detect this and display the correct version of site to match the browser settings.

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To change Twitter’s appearance manually, go to settings and privacy menu, select Display and pick any one from the three options i.e. Default, Lights Out or Dim. You can also pick a different highlighted color from here (the options are: yellow, pink, purple, blue, orange and green), which make the site more cool to use in dark mode.

How to Enable Twitter dark mode on iOS and Android

Twitte’s Dark mode for Android and iOS is designed for AMOLED screen, has two modes; one is ‘Dim’ which has dark blue background and other is ‘Lights Out’ which has black background.

To select dark mode go to main menu and tap ‘Settings and Privacy’ then tap ‘Display and sound’. Now you can choose whatever mode you like by toggle it on or off, also automatically activated after sunset.

The Light Out mode is recently added to the Android apps, so if you didn’t found in it in your apps menu, open your phone’s settings and scroll down to Apps and force stop and clear data of Twitter app, then again launch Twitter, now Light out option will be available in apps menu.

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