Top 10 5G Influencers on Twitter

5G Influencers

Like Politician and Bollywood stars, Twitter is the go-to platform for business people and technocrats who can express their opinion, news or comment on technology. Many of these focuses on 5G or related (5G Influencers) innovations, and recent exposure of 5G networks in the UK and US have scattered considerable debate on the next-generation network. The following 15 effective personalities work in fields as diverse as education, government, media and advertising. They all share useful information and opinion on the next generation network. Are you prepare to be informed and entertained?

1. John Legere (6.6m followers)

Joined May 2013

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere is outspoken and he uses social media like twitter to connect with customers and employees from which he polish his business skill to get and give opinion to his competitors on Twitter. He has 6.5 m followers, demonstrating that these people have interest in technology related information,

2.  Glen Gilmore (301k followers)

Joined November 2008

Glen Gilmore is provider of digital marketing strategy and training to Fortune 500. He has collaborated with some of the giant tech companies in the world like Huawei, Verizon, IBM, Amazon and Nato. He use to advice on tech trends in digital marketing as well as online management, community building and governance.

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3.   Sarah Janes Gratton (177k followers)

Joined October 2008

Sarah-Jayne Gratton is a producer, author, and a former theatre performer may not be the typical influencer of 5G, but this strategist develop her communication skills to good use as a member of Seimens influencer community that’s why she is key opinion in Huwaei. She speaks and writes on 5G technology regularly

4.  Diana Adams (150k followers)

Joined March 2009

Diana Adams is basically from Atlanta She works as a technology journalist in Ericsson and co-founder of Adams Consaltancy group. She is passionate about the digital information in IoT, Al, mobility and big data. She also teaches about tech and 5G related topics.

5.  Mike Quindazzi  (141k followers)

Joined February 2014

Mike Quindazzi is a managing director and US digital alliances leader for PwC. He speaks regularly on the trends shaping future for business and society, He also speaks on Society, fintech, AR, AI, robotics and digital transformation. Quindazzi is currently serving on the executive committee at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, which is leading a number of important economic development initiatives.

6.  Michael Fisher (133k followers)

 Joined September 2011

Michael Fisher is a famous mobile technology reviewer and best known review editor of YouTube Videos he made. He briefed very well about the pros and cons of 5G without any exception. Fisher Reviews as an independent reviewer and now operating as MrMobile in which he explore gadgets, smartwatches and phones.

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7.  Dr. Sally Eaves (97k followers)

 Joined April 2015

Sally Eaves is a thought leader on innovation and digital transformation. She is working as CTO for Intrepreneur International and a member of the Forbes Technology Council. She has specific interest in types of technology enhanced by 5G with Al, machine language and robotics.

8.  Antonio Grasso (91k followers)

Joined December 2015

Antonio Grasso is founder and CEO of Italian start up Digital Business Innovation. He has more than 35 years experience in IT and a best known for ethical vision and interest in how to help developing country by digital transformation. He uses Twitter and another social media platform to spread the technologies and its content to use transform the world in better form.

9.  Kevin L. Jackson (67k followers)

Joined December 2008

Jackson is the CEO and founder of the GovCloud Network.It is a consultancy formed to help agencies and businesses make best use of cloud computing. He writes regularly on 5G technologies and what is it’s impact on healthcare, financial services and retail.

10.  Ajit Pai (67k followers)

Joined May 2012

Ajit Pai is a respcted lawyer and chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Pai had a involved in spanning government and telecoms Before being appointed to the FCC , where he granted positions in Justice Department, the US Senate, and Verizon Communications.

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