6G Will Be 8,000 Times Faster Than 5G!

6G Will Be 8,000 Times Faster Than 5G

India is planning to launch the 5G in country with the help of network giants like Reliance, Vodafone, Ariel and BSNL. But reports say that China has already planned the foundation for 6G in its country and take a step forward on the way to launch this before any country think about 6G to launch. The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has initiated the project preparation and development in future for 6G.

The expert says that the speed of 6G will be 1 TB (terabyte)/ second!! Considering the 5G network’s speed will be 1 GB/seconds, it means 6G speed will be 8000 time faster than 5G in terms of Gigabits, 1 GByte = 1000 GBits.

The 5G Network still being come in existence in the world’s most of the countries and there few countries who is still using 4G or even 3G network, and it will be a bit early if the 6G be launch in any country. But the tendency to go forward in science and technology pushes us to go for 6G as soon as possible.

Report says that China has set up the working sections into two parts to conduct the research about 6G. Both the groups will perform their responsibility in different sectors of technology and management related works in different companies and research units.

5G’s bandwidth capacity lies in high radio frequencies. The higher radio spectrum carries more data; this approach is basically working behind the 6G. Spectrum will reach very high frequency level of GHZ or even THZ.  How for 6G will be faster than 5G is not yet assumed, but we can guess that it will use ultra-frequencies of radio spectrum.

In terms of frequent use, for example: Live streaming in the highest definition requires 56 gigabits of data per hour. Through the network you will be able to download over 142 hours of high-quality content in each second.

The Network of 5G is still in its way to grow in some countries and in some countries like China the plan has started for 6G, and the expert says it will take 10 years to spread the network in new era and implementation will be completed in 2030.

But we should not be so excited because the researchers still working on it to remove significant Hindrances to achieve 6G. The speeds would need sustainable development in science and technology, computer science, chip design and use of energy. We have to think about regular ways to fulfill all these devices without the risk of burning the environment.

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