What is 5G and How It Will Change Your Life?

What is 5G Technology

What is 5G ? First of all you should know, what is other mobile network generations came till now? Answer is simple for network generations as 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile network generations have In effect come till now.

Mobile Network Generations and their changes:

  1. 1G simply delivered analog voice & mobile voice calls.
  2. 2G in which digital voice is introduced and started mobile voice calls and SMS (GSM/EDGE/CDMA)
  3. 3G came with mobile data and web browsing(WCDMA/CDMA 2000)
  4. 4G is also called LTE(Long Term Evolution i.e. New era of mobile internet for mobile video consumption & higher data speed)
  5. 5G Technology i.e. more faster, more stable more secure connection along with new services to serve consumers and digitization of industries.

Know about 5G:

5G is the 5th generation mobile network technology of digital cellular network succeeding 4G which is started from year 2019. Like LTE & VoLTE in 4g, we will use the term NR & VoNR in 5G. Now 1st query arise in our mind what is NR? You should not surprise to know that NR means new radio.  That’s why main 5G NR enhancement includes New Multiple Access, eMBB Enhancement, Vertical digitalization (uRLLC & mMTC), Self-Backhaul and Spectrum up to 100 GHz.

5G network is multi-band network including Sub3G, C-Band and Millimeter-Wave.

The frequency spectrum in 5G NR has categorized in 3 segments i.e. Low-band, Mid-Band & Millimeter-Wave. Low band uses almost similar frequency range of 4G.

Mainly 5G spectrum band is divided into 3 segments.

  1. Sub-1 GHz frequency i.e. Low- Band
  2. Between Sub-1 GHz to Sub-6 GHz i.e. Mid-Band
  3. Above 6 GHz i.e. High-Band or Millimeter Wave

Main Benefit of 5G:

  • 5G is going to give better improvement in mobile network i.e. not only interconnect the users but it also inter connect and control machines, real objects and devices too.
  • 5G will serve a great level of performance and efficiency which will empower and improve new user experiences and also connect & join new industries as well. It will deliver peak rate in multi-GBPS with ultra-low latency, high capacity and more consistent user experience.
  • 5G also going to redefine reach of industries with connected services like transportation to entertainment, retail to education and all other things lying in between.
  • Main 5G benefits are new technology of more transformative fast automotive, expand the support a vast diversity of devices & services also connect new industries with improved efficiency, performance and cost.

The way of 5G which will change our life?

Main changes of 5G will be to convert other technologies and devices into everyday reality. It will include Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) which is dependent on bandwidth. Other things like visualization of a virtual television in the living room.

1. Smart Cities: 5G is going to allow cities to handle the millions of IoT devices and install low-Power sensors which will work years without needing replacement.

This will improve and expand their ability to manage traffic flow intelligently, electric power use , people safety, air quality and more.

As of now there is no agreed definition for smart cities. Mainly it has no limitation i.e. going to use internet of things (IoT) to improve quality of life for all people with some given ways.

  • Improved connectivity and capacity
  • Reduced latency
  • Very high Speed

2. New Technology World: 5G Technology is going to impact industrial and commercial internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Millions of objects can be easily tracked. All of these changes will increase tracking capacity.

IoT is going to be a significant driver of coming the 4th Industrial Revolution.

3. Driveless Cars: In the field of transportation, Driveless Cars and other transport vehicles can be fully operable i.e. fully autonomous vehicles to avoid accidents in real time and also can save millions of life every year in the world  as most of the traffic accidents caused by human errors.

4. Telemedicine: 5G will also be used in the field of health a drastic expansion of IoT is expected like transmitting data in real time. E.g. it will be possible for doctors to perform remote surgery by sitting miles away.

5. Virtual Spaces: As 5G will include virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) which are dependent on bandwidth. Other things like immersive game will be useful in sports i.e. VR and AR Helmets. VR Telepresence apps are going to allow colleagues sitting in distant cities to work parallel with them. It will be also possible virtually roam shopping in city during lunch break.

Limitations: Threads to cyber security in 5G is a big challenge.

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