5 Innovations From Telecom to Enhance Communication

Telecom Innovations

A decade ago, we had to keep patience while accessing internet on mobile and we were worried about its speed. We were also hoping for 3G to come but this was not affordable to everyone. Although later it was an encouraging time because by then the smartphone had become accessible to the common man in India and internet was also accessible. Whatever progress has been made in the telecom field in last decade will serve as a base for the next 10 years. Here we will discuss some of telecom innovations, which we are expecting in coming years.


5G Networks will increase the internet speed in your mobile phone and then many things will change for you. The new implementation will start in online activities like online gaming, net surfing, VoWi-Fi Calling with WiFi connectivity, smart home/appliances smart cars and many more. It is not yet decided when the 5G will be started in India, but network consumers have begun expanding the 5G network to major areas, and phone manufacturers have also begun announcing 5G devices before the network begins. At present time, 5G network requires in a country like India to telecom innovations.  

VoWI-FI Calling

There has been a lot of debate after the announcement of two big companies in India to launch Wi-Fi calling service. But despite many rumors and discussion about Wi-Fi calling, no correct and accurate information has been available yet. In December, Airtel launched the Wi-Fi calling service in India, then a few days later the Wi-Fi calling service was also launched in India by Jio. Can it possible that a service be launched by two big companies and not discussed? People are talking a lot about Wi-Fi calling.

RCS Make The Text More Secure

The purpose of Rich Communication or RCS is to reuse old SMS and modify them into new technology. RCS allows images to be shared through your inbuilt messaging app. It does not depend only on te. That is, when signing up for a service, it asks for certain information exactly as iMessage does.

Blockchain To Detect Spam

There is a lot of discussion on the blockchain. They came into existence 4-5 years ago and today telecom companies are using them for receiving calls or messages. Instead of saving the numbers in a single phone, it has to be saved on the blockchain so that any call can be traced, it also requires a key.

More Security to Prevent Cyber Crime

There are too much data flowing in through our mobiles, some of them also private. The telecom companies became a type of Hub to store that much data. Now they become easily targetable for cyber criminals and hackers. So there is a hope from telecom companies that they will strengthen their security system in coming time to protect themselves from cyber criminals. This will also be a region for competition between telecom operators that who provide more security.