Top 5 Ways to Hide Apps on Android Without Disabling

Hide Android Apps

Sometimes we need to hide some secret apps that we don’t want to show to family or kids. But it doesn’t mean that we need to disable an app on Android or uninstalling it. As it will delete your entire app data and you again need to set the app from start. To avoid all these things we can easily hide Android apps on phone or tablet without disabling it.

There can be different reasons to hide apps as it depends on person to person. Like if someone wants to hide chatting or some other social media apps or need to hide work related apps from kids or may be the any kind of reason. So using below tips you can hide apps on Android without rooting your device too.

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Just know here how to hide apps on Android phone like ViVo, Nokia, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, Samsung, Redmi, Oppo etc. without disabling the Android apps.

1. Change App Name and Icons – It is very easy to identify the app by its name and Icon, so you can change its name and icon to something else using a launcher.  So that it’s can’t be identify by its real name. There are some steps of the popular Nova Launcher. The logic of the steps remains the same on all launchers.

Just open the app drawer in the Nova Launcher. Apply long press on the app that you want to hide and click on Edit in the menu. As you can do it by selecting Edit from the Menu. Under App Label you will find it just click change the name of the app. After that tap on the app’s icon and got to next screen to change the required icon.  The name and icon should be simple so that you itself don’t confuse in it.

2. Use Native Launcher – In the branded Phones like ViVo, Nokia, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, Samsung, Redmi, Oppo etc have inbuilt feature to hide apps using their launcher. To show the same below is given some example.

Samsung One UI Launcher – On the home screen, just long-tap an empty space and tap on Home screen settings and after that Scroll down and tap on Hide apps. Select the apps that need to hide and just tap on Apply. It can also be used in Samsung phones to hide the apps to Secure Folders.

Redmi Phones – Here you just need to open the security app on your app and go to App Lock. Add all those that you need to hide.

OnePlus Launcher – In the OnePlus Launcher just open the app drawer and tap the right from the left edge of the screen. There will be some hidden space.  Just Tap on the add icon + at the top and select all those that you need to hide.

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3. Using Third Party Launcher –if in your mobile it is not provided inbuilt feature to hide apps using their launcher you can still download third-party launchers like POCO and EVIE. The same logic will be used as already explained in 2nd point in Native Launcher. It is also very easy to understand the just open the apps and apply same logic.

4. Use Multiple Users Features – It is also possible to hide apps without using a launcher. There be can be used the multiple users feature to hide the apps.  Just you need to create a new user and install the secret apps in that profile. Each profile is separate from the other and the installed apps are also available on the profile where apps have installed.

Create a new user by opening the Settings Button of your phone and go to System. Press on Multiple users and just tap on Add a user.  Just wait and find users in the search available in the Settings. As the user is created need to switch it from the user icon in the quick panel.

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5. Change the Name of Folder – It is also very simple to change the folder nameto hide apps. Keep the folders name like you can easily map the old name to it otherwise you forget the same and will be very difficult to find it again.

Be Cautious to Hide Apps:

All the above told methods will only hide the apps from the app drawer or home screen only. so be careful about it and keep track of it other wise you will loose the apps and the only option will be to uninstall the app from the settings.

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