Best 5 Apps to Transfer Files From iOS to Windows Using Wi-Fi

Apps to Transfer Files From iOS to Windows Using Wi-Fi

If we require to transfer files From iOS to PC Using Wi-Fi, Apple doesn’t support nicely with other operating systems like Windows or even Android. The way to transfer files from iOS to Windows PC using Wi-Fi lacks somewhere the native manner to transfer. This is also the reason for continuing differences between Apple and Microsoft fans. We need to take help from few third party apps to transfer the files from iOS to Windows computer using Wi-Fi. First we have to download these apps from App Store.

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Some of there are as follows:


You can transfer any type of file from iOS to Windows PC using this file transfer app (Apps to Transfer Files). It also has builtin feature of audio-video player which is free to use.

SHAREit is most popular cross-platform file sharing app among all which are available now a days. Open the SHAREit and tap on Connect Now under the Connect to PC will begin the transfer but before that open SHAREit on Window PC in which you want to transfer the file. Then tap to Scan QR code will end the process.

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This is also an file sharing app which transfer file from iOS to Windows 10 PC. FSharing Allows to share files and document using Wi-Fi and can access the cloud storage apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. It is Inbuilt with a file manager that can be use to access any file stored in iOS device.

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AirDroid is very simple App which transfers the files from iOS to PC and from PC to iOS. To do this You have to create a free account and sign in to it using the smartphone and desktop and you are ready to transfer.It also use to send the messages and link with iOS to PC and vice-versa.

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Using Dropbox or Google drive may suitable option to file sending from iOS to PC because the the sync facility is good for these apps, and will sync with all devices in no time. You can use Google photos to backup your photos automatically. There are many other cloud services are there to save files and access anywhere.

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To Share any file by Send Anywhere app, you have to enter the 6 digit code (a security key) generated by this app. After this the transfer begin, through this app you send the file “any where” as the name of app, using Wi-Fi.

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