Facebook’s Lite Version Gets Dark Mode

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook’s Lite Version Gets Dark Mode

Like other major apps launched the Dark Mode in their apps recently, From Android to iOS, and from Twitter to WhatsApp, almost every app has a dark mode now  then How could the Facebook stay behind all them. Facebook has finished his testing with Dark Mode and is ready to launch it within few days or weeks, the launch date is not declared yet.

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Meanwhile the Main App is yet to be launched; Facebook has landed its Light version with Dark Mode, which is a lower version of main app. The Company has already tested its Dark mode for Android in August and for Desktop UI in October. Now company is ready with its dark theme in main app as it has rolled out the dark theme in Facebook Lite. Like normal mode the Dark Mode option should be below the ‘Settings’ icon somewhere.

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Benefits of  Dark Mode in Facebook:

Facebook Lite looks has been changed in darken mode to give relax your eyes in night and get rid of glaring. Though this version of Facebook gives user a limited data access, but also popular because of its accessing speed than normal version and gives to users all essential functionality for fulfill the social networking requirements.

Lite version needs only 2 MB data to download while the normal standard version of Facebook app is required about 39 MB of data. After installation the they become 9 MB and 400 MB respectively, and gives a huge difference in performance.

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It is not yet displaying in my device yet but the feature has been launched and it will start appear in January, 2020. Many  Popular websites stated that Facebook started rolling out of Dark theme for desktop in India. It seems that the dark mode is not too far now.

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Way to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iOS System

First Open the “Settings” > Click on “General Button” > Then Go to Next Button “Accessibility” > Click on Button “Display Accommodations” > Click on Option “Invert Colors” > Switch from Light Mode to new Dark mode interface just tap the “Smart Invert”