Post Facebook 3D Photos with New Feature Available

Post 3D photos with New Feature Available on Facebook

Facebook announced that now new feature is available in which 3D image can be post on Facebook (Facebook 3D photos) that are taken from single camera smartphone.  Now anyone can easily post 3D image on their Facebook timeline from any smartphone.

The feature also relied on dual-lens ‘portrait mode’ capabilities available in new smartphones, but according Facebook, this feature is not available in typical smartphone devices which have single rear facing camera.

This advancement of Facebook will allow you to create 3D photos without a portrait mode camera. You can say that the photos captured from single, rear-facing camera phones, facebook have improved its capability for 3D structure.

Now it will be great experience for all and for those who have taken decade old photos with family and friends i.e. decade’s old image recently saved to a phone or laptop, they can enjoy by converting them in 3D Images and new selfie trend is going to start with new 3D photos.

Now this feature is available for all Facebook User. Only bad news for Facebook user is regarding net pack as it will consume extra data to create an enhanced 3D image.

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