How to Enable Dark Mode Theme for Facebook Desktop

Facebook DarkMode

After waiting for the months for Dark Mode theme the most popular social media platform Facebook has finally rolled out Dark Mode in its desktop version on Thursday. To select Dark Mode option into a new streamlined desktop is introduced after the announced at the company’s annual developer conference in May 2019.

Facebook twitter handle says- “This desktop experience will be rolled out to everyone over the next few months.”

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But there is still the method by which you can get the Dark Mode in your desktop Facebook UI. The method to switch in new UI mode and then switch to dark mode has given in Image.

When you access, go to “Settings” Menu > “See New Facebook.” This will lead you to new UI. Click on upper-right triangle which is Account triangle. A popup dropdown menu will open with the toggle option of “Dark Mode”. You can switch back by clicking on “Switch to Classic Facebook.” on same dropdown menu.

If you don’t see this new setting that means you will be able to access this after the full rollout is scheduled later this year, according to the company.

The new desktop design has the features that are quite similar to Facebook app on Android or iOS. The Approach of this design is to cover the areas like Marketplace, Gaming, Streaming and Groups. This Clear and smooth design offers a suitable interface

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