Microsoft Surface Duo: Will be Launched Sooner Than Expected

Microsoft Surface Duo

As The Microsoft has promised that his dual screen smartphone Microsoft Surface Duo will be launched about end of 2020 but now the news is that it could be launch before the expected time and it could now come in market for sale in April or early May.

The previous builds that were in testing is now available with a new home screen for get rid of slider elements stated as Twists.

According to Microsoft – “The perfect balance of productivity and mobility. Surface Duo is a new dual-screen device that fits in your pocket. With two screens connected by a revolutionary 360° hinge, Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft and Android to reimagine productivity on the go. Coming Holiday 2020.”

Image Credit: Microsoft

New Support:

The plan behind this is that Microsoft wants to bring 5G enabled devices instead of 4G because now 5G technologies will be more relevant to develop a smartphone with, as the trend indicating toward it.Though the device to be launched not yet 5G supporting. According to the company it will support Android 10 with Xbox Series X.


The hardware is very well setup with the different configuration and basically it has Snapdragon 855 processor which means this will support 4G networks.

Expectations and Plan:

Microsoft know the thing that  in coming time 5G will be wide spread  but currently we are struggling for strong 5G network, so before launching the Microsoft Surface Duo it has also planned  for Microsoft Surface Duo 2, that most probably enabled with 5G technology support. This might be one of the major reasons to launch the device sooner than expected. Because till when the smartphone will launch the technology trend would be go ahead far from its time.

Future Scope:

Because of launching Microsoft Surface Duo early than expectation might cause some drawbacks after becoming 5G wide spread that’s why the Surface Duo 2 might be launch just after few months after launching the Microsoft Surface Duo. This all will depend how the first performs. But certainly it is going to be interesting to see how the split screen work in a phone. Though the Microsoft Surface Neo is currently running on window but there is no new notification released for that.

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