Microsoft Going to Launch Surface Go 2 in Few Weeks

Microsoft Surface Go 2

According to the revelations, Microsoft planning now to release next version of Surface Go which will be called Surface Go 2. Before that Microsoft has released the Surface Go tablet in the month of July in year 2018. The plan to launch the Surface Go 2 device will take place in few weeks. The new device expected to be launch in the month of May probably.

According to Daniel R Deakin,“The Microsoft Surface Go 2 and the successor to the Microsoft Surface Book 2 should soon be available, and more details about both devices are starting to leak online. The price range for the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is expected to start at US$399 with the convertible launching in the next few weeks. The refreshed Microsoft Surface Book devices have been given unsurprising names.”

Microsoft Surface Go 2 features:

The new Surface Go 2 tablet will have 8th generation Intel Core m3-8100Y. This processor is an efficient dual-core processor that will support passive cooling which is also ideal for tablets. However the performance improvement in compared to older version not noticed in it till now. This report is produced by It House Previously.

The Surface Go 2 will use the Intel Core m3-8100Y CPU, shows the 3DMarks benchmark results. There will be 2 models of coming Surface Go2, Both the models equipped with 8GB of memory and 128GB of SSD storage but the network support will be different- one will have Wi-Fi and other will have LTE plus Wi-Fi.

Price Range:

The price range of Microsoft’s Surface Go 2 is expected to start at $399 (approx. Rs. 28000) and  the LTE model will cost $650 (approx. Rs. 45000).

The reports says that the Surface Go 2 in US has been out of stock but the basic models are available for sale.

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