How to Get Gmail Dark Mode

Gmail Dark Mode

Change your emails to the dark mode

Although it has been months since iOS 13 and Android 10 launched with dark modes, Gmail was one of the last major apps to receive a dark mode scheme to match with iOs and Android.

Gmail dark theme functionality is relatively new, by using the app it can make a big difference in your daily experience using the app. It reduces the glare and looks cool while checking your messages at night, also there’s a chance it could save a little battery power.

Here we are going to discuss to switch the mode. It is more easy than switching dark mode in WhatsApp or dark mode in Facebook.

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Activate Gmail dark mode for desktop

To activate dark theme for Gmail on the desktop click on the settings a gear like shape at the top right corner below the profile picture. Then Select the ‘Themes’, scroll and choose the dark thumbnail. when you hover over it the label ‘Dark’ appears.

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Activate Gmail dark mode for Android

If there is no any ‘Update’ button on Google Play store of Gmail app install in your phone, then you have a latest version of Gmail. and now you can proceed to switch.

If You have enabled Android 10’s system-wide dark mode then the Gmail app switch to its new look automatically. otherwise you can activate it manually. To activate it tap the menu icon on the left, scroll it, tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘General settings’, here you can see the options to change themes in light, dark and default mode.

In Android pie and earlier version of Android, dark mode is not available. Though you can see the dark mode using in a browser where dark mode is activated.

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Activate Gmail dark mode for iOS

In iOS the Gmail dark mode has arrived very late and the option also may not be available untill the Apple activates it on server side. The is coming very slowly to users but certainly.

When it arrives, the new option will be activated automatically if your phone is using its system-wide dark mode. Alternatively, you will be able to take it for a spin by tapping the Gmail app’s hamburger menu, selecting ‘Settings’, then tapping ‘Theme’ followed by ‘Dark’. Take a peek now to see if it’s there. If not, you may have to wait just a little longer.

If your phone is using System-wide dark mode then the updated mode will be automatically activated. Otherwise the option is to tap the Gmail’s app hamburger menu, selecting ‘settings’, then tap Theme as ‘Dark’. If it is not happening in your phone then you have to wait a little.

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