YouTube Music: Now You Can Upload Your Own Music Library

YouTube Music

According to sources, the much-awaited version of YouTube music has been uploaded to the Play Store and now you can download and play it and listen to your favorite song as well as upload your own song or audio record. It will have your own library. Like the number of YouTube videos, you can share your village or audio clip as well.

Here very good music streaming is also available. Its huge library may not contain your favorite song, so you do not need to be disappointed as you can upload it from any other source and it will be accessible all over the world and you need not to looking for any other alternative.

At first this is not seems a big deal because there are some other Apps that provide this facility like Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana.Com etc.

If don’t know the history of YouTube Music, I let You know that Google Play Music was a Huge collection of world’s music in view-based search engine and music streaming. But in February 2017 Google decided to combine it with YouTube to present unified Application.

In 2018, Google executive T. Jay Fowler announced on his twitter handle that they are planning to merge Google Play Music with all its collection and libraries with the YouTube Music a new product with new version as Application, which can be downloading from Play Store. Also confirmed that user’s collection, playlists and preferences will be preserved at migrated to YouTube Music for a soft landing.

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