This New Feature of Google Assistant Can Read Webpages

Google Assistant Read It

Google Assistant has new feature, with which it can now read the web page’s articles. Today Google has announced this, though the company has announced about this 2 months ago but now the company has started rolling out this feature across the globe in 42 languages. The newly launched Google Assistant feature read the article of any webpage, for that you have to just say-“Hey Google read it” or you can say “Hey Google read this page”

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Google assistant will be able to do this by using neural network and machine learning tool. While reading the text from a web page, the voice will not produce robotic sound rather than this it would be more natural and near to human voice. And browser’s web page will be automatically scroll and also highlight the words which is to be read by voice assistant with whatever voice and speed you have chosen.

You can select any language to translate web page text and it would translate automatically and read out in the selected language. It supports 42 languages currently, and in future some more languages will add in Google voice assistant.

This Feature of Goggle assistant is named as “Read It“, and it will be available in android version 5 and above. You can also add the extra ability to read content by using Action on Google.