Amazon Alexa Can Now Switch Between Hindi and English

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by Amazon. Amazon Alexa is now available in multilingual mode. Which allows users in India to speak for both Hindi and English languages ​​simultaneously with the help of a voice assistant. In devices, powered by Alexa, we are able to switch between the two languages ​​without the need to change any settings.

Amazon has been developing its Artificial Intelligence enabled voice assistant to speak in regional languages ​​for some time to fully cover the Indian market.

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Alexa is not the first voice assistant in India to offer multilingual support for Indian users, before this Google has also enabled multilingual support in Google Assistant. In this, Hindi has also been added along with other world languages.

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It will be very helpful and good for those people in whose families multilingual people are there. Because then they will not have to change the language of the device again and again. In such a situation, whatever language you speak which supports Alexa, then it will give you an answer in same language.

It is being said that, Amazon Alexa is going to start its service in many other countries in the coming time. With the new update, English and Spanish support is going to start in US, French and English support is going to start in Canada. Other countries will also be covered step by step.