You Can Install Android 10 on iPhone 7 With SandCastle

iPhone support Android 10

At first it looks surprisingly but it’s true that you can run Android on your iPhone. Not all versions of iPhone but certainly on iPhone 7 it is possible (iPhone 7 support Android 10). The man who has found the way is David Wang and his startup company Corellium, they released a trick with that you can be able to install Android on iPhone 7.

The idea to run Android on iPhone is not new. Actually they have found the way to run Android on iPhone, 10 years ago but now they implemented this trick with the name Project SandCastle.

The Project SandCastle provides you the way to install Android 10 on in your iPhone 7 (iPhone 7 support Android 10). According to company’s website– “The SandCastle provides an opportunity to create something new from the limitless bounds of your imagination.”

Currently the Project SandCastle’s newly launched version has not much functionality and is limited now. It only support on iPhone 7 and above and also doesn’t support other hardware like camera, speaker and Bluetooth etc.

Beyond these limitations the iOS also has some certain limitations that make the SandCastle to install Android on iPhone.

Within a sandbox there is a restriction for iPhone to their users to operate with. But when you have an iPhone and its hardware. You are free to run a different OS on its hardware like Android.

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