Google Assistant has a New Feature in a Label as ‘Coronavirus tips’

Google Corona Tips

Few days ago Google has launched a campaign “Do the Five” to spread awareness among people and to make people aware about what is the 5 things to do to keep safe from corona infection. And now, another technique has been bringing by Google to keep people informed about the Corona Virus. A shortcut called ‘Coronavirus tips’ has been added to Google Assistant that will help people to keep informed about the COVID-19.

The corona virus is spreading all over the world and people are searching for proper guidelines, tips & tricks to keep them safe and aware during the pandemic.

Coronavirus tips Label:


This Google Assistant feature is being displayed via the shortcut on Google Assistant. The Google Assistant on Android smartphones is displaying a shortcut with the label as “Coronavirus tips” and a “+” icon within this label. On tapping this shortcut button, the “Do the Five” instruction will open with most recent news headlines regarding the pandemic to show the user. User can scroll all these news and find a suitable link to open and read.

Related Shortcuts Labels:

Along with “Do the Five” and recent news headlines one more thing is displayed in front of search button ion Google Assistant is that labels related to Corona virus News and tips also displayed there. By tapping on it the news and information would be open related to that topic.

Discover Icon:

There is another feature that has been added to Google is Discover. It is a kind of news feed that is viewed on the Google app. It can also be seen in the left section of Google home screen in any android phones. By clicking on this shortcut there will be open latest information and news reports regarding the pandemic. 

The link related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) is always present on the top of Google webpage. With these shortcuts, Google provides the all information and updates regarding the COVID-19 virus. So this way the Discover shortcut icon is also helping in search the information related to coronavirus and helping people out.

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