Indian Government Launched WhatsApp ChatBot to Fight with Corona

WhatsApp ChatBot

Governments of many countries have failed to stop the epidemic which is spreading rapidly due to Corona Virus in the world, including India, because it is a new virus and no vaccine has been produced yet. In this case, infection of the virus can be avoided only by focusing on contact protection and cleanliness. (WhatsApp ChatBot)

The Government of India is also fully prepared to fight the corona virus and since March 26, a lockdown of 21 days has been declared in the entire country. Along with this, health workers have been asked to improve health services and be ready to deal with any emergency.

In the whole world, various rumors have spread about Corona and people are getting misleading information. The Internet has a huge contribution in the dissemination of these information. Therefore, in order to give people the right information and measures to prevent corona, many social media platforms like Whatsapp, Google, Twitter etc. are helping people by adding new features in their applications or websites.

In this episode, the Indian government has also stepped up to provide the right information to the people. The Indian government has launched a chatboat feature in association with WhatsApp (WhatsApp ChatBot), named “MyGov Corona Helpdesk”. Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has also launched its Health Alert Service in association with the big messaging company Whatsapp to help people about Corona.

Through MyGov Corona Helpdesk, people will be made aware and fearless about Coronavirus as well as providing correct information. This chatbot has been developed by Mumbai-based Company Haptik Technologies, which has been later acquired by Reliance Jio. Aakrit Vaish, co-founder and chief executive of Haptik said in a conversation with TechCrunch that, “We are dedicated to assisting the government with all our potential powers and means and hope that this chatboat will reach the right people across the country will bring information. “

‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk’ has been brought in to help people fight misleading news and thus it will make every effort to make the public aware of the epidemic.

To chat using this chatboat, you have to directly message a hello on +919013151515 or you can start chatting with chatboat by clicking this MyGov Corona helpdesk. As soon as you send “Namaste”, you will receive the following message from the helpdesk.

This chatbot has certified data from the Ministry of Health, so can correctly answer questions asked regarding the corona virus. It includes necessary precautions, symptoms and remedies, information of facts, helpline number, infected person in the area, government advice related to travel and related YouTube videos etc.


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