What is USB Type C

USB Type C

You must have used the charger to charge the phone. But you must have seen that the charger of each phone is different. But for some time, a different type of charger has come, whose port is bigger than earlier chargers and it can be used on both sides of the phone. Earlier, the phones that used to have chargers were able to be attached to the phone from the same side, because the phone also had the same port. But it is not the same now, many mobiles, almost all mobiles have started chargers with same type of port. All these mobile chargers have been brought to be universal, which we call the C -Type port or USB Type – C.

The history of USB Type is very old, almost at the time of the inception of mobile. The first USB was created in the year 1990 and since then it has changed a lot, but it is still used. Apart from charging, its main use is in data transfer, although now wireless technology has also come, but it cannot be replaced by wireless as it has much higher data transfer speed.

We divide USB type into 4 parts –

USB Type – 1.0

USB Type – 2.0

USB Type – 3.0

And USB Type – C

Here we will know about USB Type-C:

It is a reversible 2 sided pin USB connector system that allows fast data transfer and is also used for fast charging. It offers speeds up to 10Gbps and can deliver power up to 100 Watts. That’s why nowadays, USB type-C is being seen in all standard gadgets such as branded laptops, tablets or PCs. Yes, these USB are more expensive than micro USB.

Benefits Of USB type-C:

The biggest thing is that this USB type is universal, means, you can connect it with any brand of phone and also it is multipurpose. With this you can do fast charging or fast data transfer.

Future Of USB type-C:

In the coming time, we are going to see Type C USB in all the devices because its main purpose is to universalize all the ports. And anyway, if we want to transfer fast data, then we have to use it, because the size of each file is going to increase further, whether it is audio or video. Currently, Wi-Fi has not been so advanced that it can replace Type C.
What will happen next is in the trough of the future.

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