Chrome has New Feature to Group the Multiple Tabs

Google Chrome Has New Feature To Group Tabs

Google Chrome has new feature to collect related tabs in a group. This update can be proved as easy and difficult both as well for users. The tabs in web browser can manage multiple sites without opening the multiple window. but open at the same time.

For some users it is very habitual to open multiple tabs so that they can do fast and perform their task on different sites simultaneously. But for some people doing so seems wastage of time because they hardly find particular opened tab in between number of tabs.

Google started to work for develop this feature since some times ago and testing for a while. This feature makes the tabs to group together which are related. The group of these tabs can be related to a particular project on which you are working. Google also can Suggests grouping of tabs on the basis of priority.

Actually this is not the first change in tab related functionality of chrome. Some times ago there was also an update but this was hidden setting. For experiencing the chrome’s new tab grouping feature, you need to download its beta version. If not display tabs groups then restart chrome.

To start the tab grouping, right click the tab and select “Add to new group” option or “Add to existing group” You can also add name any identification mark on tab group.

You might have to wait for some time for new release of main version of chrome, which is all set to release on next weak.