Know to Enable Dark Mode For Whatsapp Web Before Roll Out

Whatsaapp Web

We have already told you about enabling the dark mode of WhatsApp in the smartphone. Actually, WhatsApp has already launched the Dark Mode theme on Android and iOS. And now it is the turn to launch the Dark Mode theme on the web. Right now the news is coming that Whatsapp is going to roll out dark mode for the web as well. After the introduction of this settings in the web version of Vaults App, users can easily enable dark mode in it.

But if you want us to enable the Dark Mode theme before the new update comes, then there is a special trick for this that we are going to tell you.

How to Login in WhatsApp Web:

First of all you need to open the on your browser. On it you will see a QR code which you will have to scan through your mobile’s Whatsapp scanner.
For this, see the steps given below-

  1. To scan the QR code, first open WhatsApp in the mobile and tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  2. Select the WhatsApp web option.
  3. After that the mobile camera will be on which will scan the qr code.
  4. Your account will be logged on the web as soon as it is scanned.

Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web:

Now you have to select the inspect option by right clicking anywhere on the web page. Which will open the html code of the page in front of you. This code will open in an editing console that you can edit.

A string class = “web” will appear in the body section of the HTML. Here replace the web with web dark, now dark mode will be enabled as soon as you press enter. However it will be temporary and light mode will be enabled again after refreshing.

According to WAbetaInfo, this trick was told by Thales, a member of Discard Community Server. If you are not comfortable using this trick to use WhatsApp, then you have to wait for the official update.