How to Share Google Map Location Through Messaging Apps

Google map location Sharing

If you are stuck in a place where you do not know the way to get out and you are also not getting internet connectivity so that you can find the way using Google Map. Here you have an option that you can share your location with one of your family members or acquaintances and ask them the way. But this requires internet connectivity. However, one way that you can use is location sharing via SMS. Yes, you can share your location indicated on the Google map through messaging app or via message from smartphone.

Further in this article we will tell you how you can share the location from your android mobile in both these ways.

Location sharing through android messaging app:

First of all open Google Maps on your Android mobile. Now you manually find the place you want to share – then typing “My Location” on the search bar will show a red mark on your current location and share option will appear below. If you have already saved the location, you can open it offline and share it.

If you have turned on the GPS service, then a blue dot will appear on your current location. By tapping on it, you will get the option to “Share your location” on a new screen.

The share menu will open as soon as you tap on the share option of whichever of the two options above.

Now in the share menu, select your default messaging app and select the name of the person you want to send and send it to your location. On the other hand, your relative or acquaintance can know your exact location on the map and help you using the message sent by you.

Location sharing through google messaging app:

You can share multimedia files such as contacts, files, voice notes, location, etc. through the Google Messages app.

Open the Google Messages app on your Android to use. If not yet downloaded, download it from the Google Play Store (and set it as the default SMS app).

After opening, tap on the “Start Chat” button and select the contact you want to share the location with.

After that click on the “+ ‘button on the left side of the text box and scroll down, click on the option of Google Map and Now it will take a few seconds to get your location map. Once the map is loaded, tap the send button. Your contact will get a location URL from which he can track you.

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