How to Open Two Apps Using Split Screen in Phone

Split Screen

Have you ever noticed that while using one app on the mobile screen, you have to minimize the first one to open the second app and then you open the second app by selecting it. At that time you would think that if we could open both apps simultaneously on the same screen, it would have been good. But now you can do this, you can use the split screen feature to use two applications on your phone screen simultaneously.

With the split screen feature, you can work on two applications simultaneously by splitting the smartphone’s screen in two parts, for this you will not need to swap the app again and again. For this, your mobile should have Android 9 Pie or Android 10 operating system. Now these devices have started getting many latest features. Users can also change the ringtone and theme from the phone screen to their liking through these features. So today we will show you the complete way of split screen feature.

First of all, go to your phone screen and tap on the button of Recent Apps. Now you will see all the recent apps.

First way:

  • The split screen option will appear above the recent application.
  • As soon as you tap on it, a blank space will appear on which will be written “Press and hold an app, then drag it here”.
  • Now drag any app you want to see in split form and place it in that place.
  • In this way, your phone screen will appear divided into two parts and in the bottom part you can open another app.

Second Way:

  • Now when you tap on an app and hold it, you will see 3 options, one of which will also be the option of split screen.
  • Tap on it, the selected app will appear in the split screen in the top side.
  • Now in the bottom part you can open any other app that you want to use in half the screen.
  • The size of the screen can be adjusted by moving the black line in the middle up and down.

This way you can achieve the split screen functionality and enjoy to work with.