How to Set Phone Screen Lock for Emergency

Set Phone Screen Lock

We all have Smartphone and we are using it not just for making calls but also for many other purposes. And we often lock the phone when not in use. Now we are going to tell you in this article on which you have not paid attention but it is very important. You know that every phone has lock screen set option, but most of the people don’t use it or don’t know how to use it (Set Phone Screen Lock), and who use it display only unimportant things.

About the Lock Screen

People do not know much about their phone lock and about display lock screen. In the lock screen actually we can save and display some important information, which can be very helpful in any emergency situation. The information that you needed frequently you can save it on your lock screen. The saved information will display on your phone even when your phone is locked. This may be helpful to you to get out of any big trouble.

What To Set On Lock Screen

You should save important information about your person belongings like your parents, Relatives or Spouse phone number or your home address, So that, in emergency or in any difficult situation anybody can help you when you are unconscious or unable to tell anything. Apart from that you can type your Blood group also so if any misshaping occurs with you and you need medical help due to an accident the helping person can know your blood group. You can put the emergency number of police and fire department also so that other people take help from it without open your phone.

No one know when and where the difficult situation will come but you have to prepare to face it whenever it comes. For ladies and girls this trick is extremely important.they must have follow this tips to save them-self and to come out of unwanted situation or after any misshapen.

How To Set Lock Screen

To set all these information on the lock screen for an emergency situation, you just have to go in your phone’s settings option, open it and go to the lock screen option there. There an empty space has given, you have to write down all your important information such as your parents, Relatives, Spouse phone number or your home address or blood group there and save it to display on screen while your phone is locked.