5 Tips to Being Safe Online

Tips to Being Safe Online

If you are active on Internet, then you must think about being safe for activities related to your internet. The growing cybercrime on the internet has increased the concern of internet users. Because personal data of crores of people remains on the internet and many people get their data stolen or account hacked every day. Here we are going to tell you some tips (Tips to Being Safe Online), by adopting which you can protect your data and account online and can avoid hackers.

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Always keep your software updated:

To keep online activities safe, we should always use an updated version of our software so that the possibility of a virus or hackers attack can be reduced. If we do not keep our software or browsers updated, then there is an increased chance of new anti-virus attacks because the old version does not recognize the new antivirus. Cyber ​​criminals also find similar flaws, and hack your account or website as soon as they get the chance. So we should keep our software updated without making such a mistake.

Install anti-virus:

If we want to keep our PC or laptop safe from antivirus or malware, then we should install a good antivirus in it. Antivirus stores the files and data stored in our system and also prevents it from getting infected by viruses.
If you believe that there is a virus attack in your system, you can scan the system with an antivirus and delete it, which will save your data from being corrupted. You can visit its website to download the antivirus. Some popular antivirus names are: NORTON, AVAST, KASPERSKY, AVIRA etc.

Be cautious while downloading:

If you are going to download something from your mobile or laptop / PC, then be extra alert, before clicking on any link or popup, check that there are no phishing or confusing fake links. If you click on it then you may be victim of malware attack with it, so be cautious while downloading and do antivirus.

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Set a recovery phone number or email:

For any of your online accounts such as Google’s GMAIL, Facebook or NET banking, you should set up a recovery phone number or email, so that if someone wants to hack your account, you get a message instantly or if you forget the password you can reset it.

Enter a secure password:

The strongest factor in protecting your online account is its password. If your password is something that can be easily gassed then it can be a big risk. Therefore, to protect your accounts and to avoid unauthorized access, you should enter a strong password that no one can easily access.

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Some accounts allow you to have a password validation of a set pattern for additional safety. By following this (Tips to Being Safe Online), you can register the account and it will also be safe.