WhatsApp’s 4 Security Tips You Should Know

WhatsApp Security Tips

WhatsApp has 2 billion users worldwide and their security is most important concern for the messaging giant app. This huge number of users indicates that WhatsApp is most popular app in the world and this is supported by both Android and iOS. (WhatsApp Security Tips)

This Facebook owned company has added many features in WhatApp to ensure their user’s privacy and security (WhatsApp Security Tips) but a number of users don’t take care of all these functionality provided by the messaging app, that’s why there see you by day many scam and fraud happens often from this.

1. Disable last seen

If don’t want to let other people know that when you was last online on WhatsApp you can disable this feature.  Disabling this feature you also will not be able to see the other’s last seen.

Go to Settings —> Go to Account —> Tap on Privacy —> Tap the last seen tab —> Choose the option: My contacts

2. Prevent to access your profile picture

By default WhatsApp displays your profile picture to everyone, and anyone also can download it and misuse it. So you need to change your privacy setting to ‘contacts only’ in order to prevent your profile pic being misused.

To do this you have to follow below steps:

Open WhatsApp   —>    Go to Settings   —>   Tap the account tab   —>   Tap on Privacy     —>    Choose the profile photo option —>   Out of the three options –choose ‘My Contacts’

3. Disable Popup Notifications

WhatsApp message Notification functionality provide you easiness to read your message on the without open it. If you want privacy and prevent it reading from any other person then you should disable the notification display popup.

To change the notifications settings follow below steps:

Go to settings —> Tap on notifications —> Disable pop up notifications for both the sections, Messages and Groups.

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4. Activate Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp don’t have password protection Instead he has a 2-step verification using your email ID with 6 digit PIN.

To activate Two-step verification follow steps given below:

Go to Settings —> Tap on account  —> Tap the two-step verification tab  —> Tap the Enable button  —>  Enter a six digit passcode  —> Confirm PIN  —>  Enter your email ID  —> Confirm your email ID and this will be done.

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