Best Messaging App to Help Work From Home

Messaging App

Nowadays the corona has spread widely all over the world, people are afraid of going to office, the government has also ordered the offices for a temporary closed cause. In such a situation, people have to work from home and people are using different types of chat and messaging app.

There are number of messaging apps among them some are easily accessible and user friendly. Like Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp in which you can make a group or broadcast and manage a high level integration in between different sections of departments. The message will be reach to all the group members at once. While WhatsApp provides a fast and easy way to communicate, there are apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams that also come with professional tools.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams support to work with Android and iOS as well as Mac and Webservices! So this is best suited for business conference and meetings. It comes with Office 365.


This is basically a chat app, in which there are separate options to message directly on private and public channels. It has several other features as search any keyword. Slack is one of the most popular office chat app in the world. It also acquired the famous chat app HipChat.

Google Hangouts

We all aware about Google Hangouts as popular chat app owned by Microsoft, which is very easy to access if someone using G Suite. There is a feature in this app that you can create a room and invite members in those groups to share Google docs and sheet in the room automatically.

RingCentral Glip:

The Glip is designed to focus on call-based working system. The RingCentral has slightly different working process. It uses in Internet connectivity but both can be used together. If someone does not use Glip then also he can connect with call. It is also free for 500 minutes of shared video chat with unlimited posts and storage.

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