Microsoft Edge Canary has a Family Dashboard to Keep Kids Safe Online

Microsoft Edge Canary

Microsoft Edge Canary just got a family safety feature within its settings. Microsoft has a new feature in Family Dashboard to add in Edge Canary. As the name “family safety feature” the feature will help parents to keep their kids safe online.

Within the family safety section, Edge Canary doesn’t have any settings in it. Actually, it has a link to your family dashboard and some helpful instruction to remind. To make sure the family safety settings work, you need to use Microsoft Edge and all of their devices with a Microsoft account. If you or your child uses a browser other than Edge then family safety settings won’t work correctly.

This new Family Dashboard feature is located in Settings and then clicking on Family Safety. The page will open and explain that parents can quickly access someone’s settings or add a new family member with the Family dashboard.

To get the most out of the features it is recommended to setup a family account in Window 10 by going to settings, and then Family within Account and then Other Users section add child account.  Be clear about that the Family Dashboard only works with Edge, not with any other browser.

This feature was hidden in old version of Edge under a, so it’s pleasure to see that it’s now easier to access. It is expected for Family Dashboard, the stable version of Edge in a few weeks once beta testing is done.

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