Upcoming Free Android Apps in Year 2020

Android Apps

This Year of 2020, and in this month there are few new Android apps is to be launched. These Android apps are certainly going to excite us. So we are here to present the new list of these Android apps, their name and features. So, let’s get started.


The Audio Manager Lite is an app that can regularly change your phone’s audio profiles. This app has a lot of tools and routines that can adjust the volume level automatically without any manual interaction.

Suppose, if you want to switch your phone to silent mode at any time on some days, this app makes it possible. All that you need to do is tap on Routines button and then add the required events like time and sound level. You can run several routines at a time on your phone with the help of this app.

The volume presets (Silent, DND, mid-volume, high-volume) are available as a sticky on this app which is very suitable to use. So if you want to down the overall system volume instantly, what to need you just to press a simple button and this will lower down the volume. For location base routine you have to upgrade the version.

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This is the product of Microsoft and the company made some important improvements in this browser to use in Android apps. The Browser now redesigned with new navigation menu at bottom which makes the browser very attractive and good looking in any android phones vertically.

There is all the access of your Favorite tabs, History, and Downloads, Setting, Bookmarks just by tapping on a single button. The Microsoft’s Edge Browser has more reliable and easy to use.

Also there has a new hamburger menu on the top right corner of the browser in which there are several options to customize your rendered page. For example you can switch between Inspirational, Focused and Informational modes what ever you like. You can customize the feed as per your choice if you don’t like any mode.

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The interesting thing in this keyboard app that this is not the regular keyboard as in your laptops or in phones. This keyboard app has an unique and hexagonal shaped keys, the QWERTY layout of the old keyboard has gone. one more thing which is claimed that Due to the larger keys nearly 80% of the typing errors has been reduced now. In Typewise Keyboard there is no backspace key, instead you have to slide left on the keyboard UI and the text will get removed itself.

Though it will take time you to be use to of this app but once you become familiar with all this function you will surely love it. This keyboard has a crux that has no permissions and auto correct functionality is also excellent.

Typewise is a good app to start a new pattern typing and get rid of old pattern, you will enjoy it during your type with some features like SwiftKey and Gboard.

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If you love using navigational gesture on your smart phone with Android OS then this gesturePlus is for you. This is a nifty app which adds a software button in the middle of the bar (navigation gesture). And as you may know , you can also customize the button with the action you want.

For example, if you want to use Google Assistant or open the Navigation function of Google Maps, you can do so. The best thing about this app is that configuring it is very simple, any body can use it after being tell by someone.

You can modify sounds or configure the voice assistant of your choice by opening system tools while writing using gesturePlus.


With Activity Bubbles, you will now be able to measure the time you spend with your phone. This is necessarily important to know because smartphone now become a tool to perform lot of activities in the life.

This shows you your phone usage by creating small bubbles like a wallpaper. If you want to minimize your phone usage you should set the goal to minimum increase the area of activity bubbles.

Activity Bubbles requires Google’s Wallpaper app to work properly. You can find the app in live wallapers.

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If you love customizing your phone’s wallpapers, My Wall will be awesome for you to tweak the brightness of the image, give it a blurry background or apply filters to your phone’s wall paper.

Beside that, you can also pick out the main color pallettes from the image, to adjust the color of your home screen widgets and icons. It has some limitation because of being new, you can only customize your phone’s current home screen image, you can’t pick up a random image from the phone storage.

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Steno notes is the next in the list. This is an note taking app, easy to use and help to get rid of all the distracting stuffs like fonts, color, points formatting options etc. It has a well managed UI and its clean look is very attractive.

The best part is that you can organize all your notes into folders by adding a hashtag to your notes. You can manage all your notes by putting it into a folder by renaming with your different notes.

It’s search functionality is also very simple. In search field type any keyword and the app will fetch you the notes related to the terms. By swipe left you can delete the note.

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