How to Share Files on Google Drive & Provide Permissions: A Detailed Tips

Share Files on Google Drive

All of you know about the Google Drive as this is cloud storage service, and worldwide used tool. It gives the option to save various types of file in the cloud and same file & folders can be share with others. In easy way anyone can connect to others with their data.

There are a lots of files types named as Excel, videos, Docs, PDF Forms, others sheets, etc. and the method of the file share also differ. For example if you want to share a file to your friend and give the editing permissions on that file him but you will not give the same editing permission to other person, you don’t know.

So here are the way of Google Drive sharing process and its permissions that you should know.

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All types of Google Drive Sharing & Permission is listed below:

Main types of share files & folders in Google Drive.

1. Share via Using Link

2. Publish Files Directly to Internet

3. Share with Google Contacts

  1. Files or documents can be also share on website by posting the Google drive link.
  2. If anyone or client is not in Google contact list then we can generate Google drive link and send the link to that guy or client. This link is open to all anyone can access the same. This method also used to share files with non-Google accounts too
  3. You can directly share the files to your Google contact lists and they will get mail for the same.

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Main type of Permissions for Google Drive

1. Edit Permission

2. View Permission

3. Comment Permission

  1. Its default permission goes to that guys to whom you share the files, in this file can be edited or modify by those guys to whom you have given this permission. Files can be deleted in this option and can be share to others person too.
  2. In this the user can view only no other permission except to view files & folders.
  3. This option is extended version of view permission, in this user can View & can add comments and suggestions. But they don’t have right edit the file or share it with others.

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If you share the files & folder with non-Google contacts, the default permission is set to view only.

Now there are also two ways to send the links

  1. Laptop or Desktop
  2. Mobile or Tablet.

Both ways are can be easily used to share the data. In Laptop open browser and login google account, search google drive in right corner of the browser upload the files and use above mentioned ways to share the files. Same in mobile open google drive app and upload the files you want share and copy the link send mails you want to share or share with contacts available in your google contacts.

The same generated links can be shared on whatsapp, messengers, wechat or on any social media apps.

Use Right Permission as per requirement

There are different sharing settings and permissions, that can be utilize to share files and folders using Google Drive in multiple ways. However we need to be careful while providing permissions and rights to share as the data to anyone. As it can be misused to use appropriate permission to share the data to Known and Unknown Guys. As if you provided the edit permission then anyone can edit or modify or can be delete the files you have shared to guys.

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