How to Increase Internet Speed: Follow these Methods

Increase Internet Speed

A few days or years ago, good internet speed (Increase Internet Speed) in India could only be imagined with a broadband connection, but with the launch of Reliance Jio in India with its 4G service, India was seeing a big change in the world of internet. . But there is still a big difference between telecom operators’ Wi-Fi internet speed and broadband speed, and that’s why people rely more on broadband connections in terms of speed. Its only reason operators also charge more money for consumers from the Internet, due to which people have started losing their trust in them. BSNL was the only broadband provider in our India but recently Tata Sky and Reliance have also started their own broadband network. Internet speeds in a broadband connection range from 10 MBPS to 100 MBPS.

Internet speed in our country is very low compared to some other countries because in some countries data is downloaded or uploaded by second. But people here are often worried about internet speed.

In fact, all the telecom companies try to give their best to the consumers on their behalf, because there is pressure on them to provide good service due to high competition among themselves. Although internet speed also depends on the plans of the consumers. However, if you are worried about the slow speed of the internet, then we are going to tell you about some ways that will help in increasing the speed of your internet as well as in dealing with such a situation, due to which the speed of the internet is reduced.

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Restart your router:

Just as a PC or mobile slows down or hangs, you restart it by tapping on the restart or reboot button, similarly if your Wi-Fi is not able to give good speed then you can press its power button You can shut it down and start again.

On start up, it will establish the connection again and to a great extent it is possible that a fresh connection will increase the speed of your net.

Change Location of Router or Gadgets:

If you feel that the speed is coming down due to the router being placed at a particular place, then you can change the location of your router, or bring your gadgets closer to the router, so that you will know the difference of speed and you You can adjust it correctly. And thus you will get rid of the problem of slow internet speed.

Keep the Wi-Fi router clean:

Too much dust or dirt can accumulate on the Wi-Fi router, because your internet speed can also be slow, because this is why they do not get proper cooling due to which they can be bad. If you want good speed from the routers. Are and to protect them from malfunction, then they should be cleaned from time to time.

Check cable Connection:

Along with all this, you can check the cable connection that the connection is lost or does not fit properly in the socket due to which this problem is coming. If the cable is old or damaged, change it.

Use anti-virus:

For the users of the Internet, having anti-virus in the system is an important requirement. Without which your PC or mobile can be subjected to viruses or malware and due to this the speed of internet is also affected. Once malware enters the system, it slows down the speed of both the system and the Internet. If you install a good anti virus and update it continuously, then there will be no problem of slow speed.

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Use the best internet circuit:

An internet connectivity product made of fiber technology, which has a better internet circuit, will give you good and barrier-free speed. This allows you to download or upload data faster, and be able to handle your tasks faster.

By adopting these methods mentioned above, you can get good speed by getting rid of the slow speed of internet.