How to Change Password in JioFi Router

JioFi Password Change

Reliance Jio revolutionized the world of Internet in India, at the time of launch, before that providing such lower rate 4G data was a dream for any other telecom company. Reliance launched Jio Sim to make possible of Internet access to the common citizen and they also succeeded in their scheme. Today most people have affordable internet data available with Jio SIM.

Soon after entering into Indian telecom industry, Reliance launched its high-speed portable and 4G supporting router called JioFi, which used Jio’s 4G SIM. This router can be connected with mobile phones and other Wi-Fi enabled gadgets. Due to being connected to multiple devices simultaneously, there is always a security risk, so to avoid this, the password of the router must be changed frequently. You can take help of the website or My Jio App to change the password.

First of all any router has to be configured via website link or MyJio app. Only then its services can be used. You can also change your plan as per your need. JioFi routers are of different sizes and accordingly the battery capacity is also different.

So let’s know how to change JioFi password through Website:

First of all, you have to go to the web browser in the device (laptop, smartphone and tablet) connected to JioFi hotspot and open this link. Now you have to enter the username and password as administrator by clicking on the login option on the top-right corner of the web page and then clicking on the Login Button. After that click on Network option, then Wi-Fi configuration and then Secure key. Now you can enter the new username and password of your choice and you are ready.

How to change JioFi password through My Jio App:

You have to open My Jio App on the device connected to JioFi hotspot and tap on My Device which is at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the Settings icon on the top-right corner and select the Change password option under SSID. Now you can choose a new password and then click submit. Now your password has been changed.

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