How to Use Your Old Computer as a TV

Use Your Old Computer as a TV

If you don’t have TV but have old computer and you willing to purchase a new TV. Then you don’t need to spend extra expense on purchasing new TV and also it will save your monthly cable if you use Internet on your PC.

Now you can enjoy your TV series and web series both at one place. With a few devices you can convert your old PC into a new television. This will avoid you to spend extra money and save space in your home.

Here we are going to describe how you can do all this and what you need:

  • If you have old computer then at least 10 GB space should be free from this hard drive.
  • A TV tuner or USB (Dongle-based) tuner box. This can be connected to your PC like pen drive. No other hardware device needed if you use USB tuner box.

Physically install the TV Tuner and other hardware:

To give your computer TV signal, you need to connect it with TV tuner and install your hardware. This will need number of hardware and devices. Which one you choose will depend on quality of your PC and your capacity to spend on it. You can choose an external TV tuner box and TV tuner card with or without a graphics card which will depends on your computer’s capability.

The TV tuner card can be installed by a hardware professional, and it will provide you with a clear connection to TV channels.When an external TV tuner box install by connecting your PC’s USB port then the connection will establish. It can be easily installed but gives slower connection and lower resolution.

Install the TV tuner software on your PC:

Now you should install the software on your PC that comes with your TV tuner. The TV tuner software will let you control the channels and volume using a remote control. Through this you can also enable to record live TV shows on your computer’s hard drive.  To install the software you should insert the disc provided with your TV tuner box and follow the instructions given in booklet provided with hardware.

Open any channel:

After properly install the software you are all set to start your TV. You can now ready to surf TV channels with your remote control. You’ll now have access to many TV shows even that are not able to be streamed on the Internet.