How to Disable Google Chrome From Tracking Your Surfing Activities

Chrome Tracking Your Activity

While surfing the Internet, you will have to open various web sites on your mobile and for this you will have to use some browser installed in your mobile. You must have heard the name of Google Chrome browser and maybe you use it too. Chrome browser has many settings that we set according to our requirement, such as bookmarking important website links, viewing browsing history or clearing browsing history. But do you know that surfing the net on Chrome browser without enabling some other settings is not good for your privacy.

If you think that it is safe to use Google Chrome on your smartphone without surfing the settings while surfing the internet then you are wrong. Through the Chrome browser, Google keeps track of every website and video you see on your mobile, Google keeps you informed of every activity happening on the Chrome browser and you do not know anything about it. Actually by doing this Google’s attempt is not to disturb your privacy but to improve your surfing experience by knowing about your activities.

None of us would want to compromise on our privacy or privacy, so we immediately start looking for an alternative where our privacy is not threatened. In these options, you can turn off the use of Chrome and uninstall any other browser, but this will not be the right solution, instead it is available in Chrome itself.

Here we are going to tell you about Chrome’s settings that will help you in surfing the net while keeping your privacy and you will be able to use Chrome browser without worrying.

Actually there is an option which is by default enable in chrome and “Sends URLs of pages you visit to Google” this option is Make searches and browsing better.

So here are few steps to disable the “Make searches and browsing better” option:

  1. Open Google Chrome, tap on 3 dots showing upper right corner on your mobile.
  2. A drop-down will open, now tap on Settings
  3. This will show you Sync and Google Services
  4. Tap on it and scroll down at the bottom
  5. Here you will see the toggle option “Make searches and browsing better”
  6. By disabling this, Chrome will not be able to track you

This way you can prevent being track from Google through Chrome Browser.

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