How To Activate Chrome Duet Menu On Android Mobile

Crome Duet Menu

The Duet Menu is just a Menu Bar of Chrome browser which is found at the bottom of screen, like a tab switcher. To enable the Duet Menu of Google Chrome you need to make some changes in Chrome flag. The Menu is updated often, almost every day. So, a lot of changes have been done in Duet menu. It has some features that are really needed.

The Duet Menu can be easily activated by making some changes and the new new changes should be tested for Android.

How to get the Duet Menu on the Android:

The Duet Menu of chrome tells how many items will be appeare in the Menu Bar. You will be able to move the main toolbar to bottom as Duet Menu in Chrome, with the help of given trick in this article;

  • Update the Chrome browser.
  • Open the chrome when download completes.
  • Type, Chrome://flags on the URL bar.
  • Search for Chrome: duet or Duet on Flags page.
  • From the drop-down list, Select Enabled.
  • To save the changes click on the Relaunch button.
  • You can see the new duet bar on the bottom after you restart the Chrome Browser.
  • Select Disabled from drop-down menu to disable the Chrome duet and Relaunch Now button.

Note: If the Menu is not displaying on bottom, close the Chrome app using Recent apps button on your mobile and close all running apps on your mobile. Now re-launch Chrome and you’ll see the feature and Menu toolbar on bottom.

With the help of these basic methods, you can enable or disable the new duet menu of the Google Chrome browser on your android mobile.

The toolbar will contain Home, Share, Search, Tabs and More menus. So will you get 2 extra buttons i.e.- Share and Search in the new bottom Duet Menu.

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